Stadium Screen Perimeter LED Sign

Written by:admin Time:2020-09-21

Stadium led screen From brightness, viewing Angle, protection grade, cooling the basic technical performance, such as LED screen pitch outdoor permanent led sign with other industry did not have essential difference. But from the professional direction of the football sports, permanent led screen pitch emphasizes the dynamic information (highlight playback, broadcast), real-time, accurate, fast, no distortion, in addition to the wide Angle, high gray level, general advice from the technical parameters of not less than 3840 hz refresh rate, integrated high performance drive chip, static scan, live images and film should be stable without tearing.

1. The high polymer soft qualitative mask, anti impact injury.

2. The seamless Mosaic in order to obtain a better display effect.

3. The mounting Angle is adjustable.

4.160 ° Angle of view, the audience is wider, the side to watch also clearly visible

5.3: high refresh rate p 3840 hz, high contrast, 6000:1, high gray level 65536

6.3 no, no ghosting, flicker-free, no scan lines