Bus LED Sign Board with Bus stop Announcer Solution

Written by:admin Time:2020-09-24

 Key Features

Bus destination led screen

1:Using High quality LED Lamp,with DIP LED and SMD LED;

2: Size available P8*P10, P7.62, P8.2, P12.5, P10,P8,P6,P5,P4,P3 customer tailor-design available.

3: Amber is the typical monochrome LED colour ,Other colors Red/Yellow/Green/full color available

4: Wide viewing angle to assist roadside legibility

5: Multi-lingual, text and graphics displays capability, fixed, alternating or scrolling displays mode

6: Multi mode partition-dividing styles providing screen partition, displaying bus line number, starting station, terminal station, destination signs etc.

7: Storing more than 1000 bus lines information,

8: providing RS232/ RS485/RJ45/WIFI communication,

9: Protocol could be customized according to customers’ request.

10:8-36V wide voltage design, low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection

11: Light weight, robust aluminum casing for easy installation

 bus destination led screen 


Solution A

GPS automatic bus stop announcer+ LED displays(front, side, rear and internal)

When many displays are needed in a bus (front, side, rear, external), it is better to choose this solution. In this case, bus stop announcer and display work through the GPS, which enables the switching of messages on displays and broadcasts to be automatic. Besides, it will relieve the burden of drivers and lower the risks of traffic accidents. For this solution, an microphone is available, through which drivers broadcast.

  bus stop announcer



Solution B

GPS Vehicle scheduling system + LED display
Nowadays there are GPS tracker and DVR on most of buses, through RS232 & RS485, our LED display can be connected with those devices. The display carries its own font library and it is controlled by DVR system. ASCII nuicode and GB code is available for the display.

  bus dvr



Solution C

When the display is just as a route reminder or not change route frequently,, it will be a good solution for you. The message can be updated by U disk, and contents on display can be switched by pressing the buttons(UP, DOWN, or Number). It is easy to install and operate.

  bus led sign